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Brand Spotlight: Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch lingerie company founded by Elisabeth Maria Johanna Dekkers, and famous for the design concept “innerwear as outerwear”. Elisabeth believes in empowering women. Sexiness is not only allowed but encouraged, and the choice to show your body, and how much of it, is completely up to you.

Her Dame de Paris plunge bra has been a bestseller at www.jessirausch and it’s not hard to see why. Designed as an ode to Gothic architecture, Elisabeth was inspired by the graceful arches and elegant bows of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

You can wear this bra with a maxi dress or button-down blouse and let the decorative straps function as a part of your outfit, keeping true to the innerwear as outerwear philosophy. Or pair it with a sweater and let it be your something special for the day. However you choose to wear it, a bra is never ‘just a bra’ when you’re wearing Marlies Dekkers.

Check out Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the Marlies Dekkers Triangle balcony bra. While we’re currently sold out of this style, we have plenty of sizes left in the Dame de Paris. Stop by and try it on for yourself!

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